Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How we met the band

Musical entertainment at the reception will be provided by Mojo Workin'. We first ran into Tom "T-Pot" Hailey and Tim "Streak" Morley at The Legend Brewing Company playing their signature "foot stompin', gut growlin' blues" on guitar and harmonica. Maybe it was the oysters, but we immediately fell in love with their fun honest sound. While they we taking a break I asked if they played weddings and got the reply in the affirmative. The wedding was still a long way off, so I didn't engage in any serious negotiations at the time, but in their second set Tom dedicated a song to us and we knew it was the start of something exciting!

All was quiet on the Mojo front for a few months, then an email arrived announcing another gig at Legends. They played their first set out on the deck, and proved to be just as capable of getting their groove on in the windy outdoors as they had been in a noisy pub. On Sunday night we went to see them at Lu-Lu's and sealed the deal!

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